VREV Foundation ties up with Dhiway Networks for I-PIXI – a blockchain-based Public Digital Infrastructure for Governance

VREV Foundation ties up with Dhiway Networks for I-PIXI

In a move towards building robust public digital infrastructure using blockchain, Bengaluru based non-profit VREV Foundation and startup Dhiway Networks have joined hands to create I-PIXI (India Public Information eXchange Infrastructure), a Public Digital Infrastructure (PDI)Hay operates and maintains India’s first verifiable data exchange platform, #MARK Studio anchored on the CORD, an enterprise blockchain infrastructure made in India, for the world.

Dr Ashwath Narayan C. N., Minister of Higher Education, IT and BT, Science & Technology, Skill Development, Government of Karnataka today announced the launch of I–PIXI for the creation of public registries for digital services. In the joint project, Dhiway will offer its level 1 Blockchain platform CORD as a Public Digital Infrastructure to VREV Foundation, which will be creating and developing I-PIXI using the open-source infrastructure.

Announcing the Public Digital Infrastructure initiative, the Hon’ble Minister said “Karnataka maintains its leadership in fostering innovation and entrepreneurship as India’s top startup destination. The Government of Karnataka is at the forefront of Make in India – Made for the world inspired by Hon’ble Prime Minister’s vision. We look forward to organizations like VREV and Dhiway collaborating to create the digital infrastructure that is required to make citizen’s access to government policies and programs easier.”

VREV operates in the social policy arena to work alongside the government in moving its policy intent to action. Public registries like Aadhaar, PAN, and Education certificates enable real-time verification of information are an essential element of digital transactions. Applications built on I-PIXI that use the secure credentials of users can significantly improve ease of governance and access to government services for all citizens.


The CORD open source based blockchain by Dhiway with an OSI-approved license (Open-Source Initiative) is a Layer 1 network made in India with a focus on proof of authority and registry management. The CORD blockchain presents a reliable, secure, portable and extensible system of verification which is based on cryptographic security, a tamper-resistant distributed ledger enabling Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs), Verifiable Credentials (VCs) and content-addressed storage.

On the occasion, Prof. S Sadagopan, founder of IIIT Bangalore and Chief Mentor of VREV, said, “India leads the world in Digital governance with large scale implementations in Aadhaar, UPI and Jan Dhan projects. As India takes over the Presidency of G20, we have an opportunity to bring in further innovation in Governance and a Public Digital Infrastructure in this domain is critical to fulfil the aspirations of a Billion plus Indians.”

“VREV will incubate the Public Digital Infrastructure with an Indian blockchain CORD, and I-PIXI will be available for all government registries, purposed for credentials management (Aadhaar / Education / PAN/ etc..). We expect this to bring all digitized registry data into the public domain, with high standards of privacy. The next stage of Digitalisation in India is the automation of government services in the last mile and Web3 based personal control of data allowing the use of the data with the complete control and approval of the individual”, said KP Vinod, CEO, VREV Foundation.

“As India takes over the Presidency of G20, and we automate governance at scale, VREV looks forward to contributing to the global endeavor for digital governance,” Vinod added.

“Dhiway is excited to be announcing the offering of the CORD blockchain through its partnership with VREV Foundation to build digital trust registries for Government. We believe that this opens up many avenues for innovative approaches to information management and access”, said Satish Mohan, CTO and Co-Founder of Dhiway.

I-PIXI – India Public Information eXchange Infrastructure will be the digitalized information backbone on an Indian Blockchain as a governance infrastructure of aggregated registries. Founded by technologists with extensive experience in building open-source projects which scale, Dhiway is committed to working with open standards in order to drive innovation and help build it on an Indian blockchain, CORD.