Evolve Global Corp’s commitment to leveraging the latest technologies for innovative products


Evolve Global Corp, a leading provider of advanced technology solutions, has just made a major announcement that is sure to turn heads in the business world. The company has launched three AI-based business products – each designed to help companies improve their operations and gain a competitive edge.

The first of these products is called Predictor. Predictor facilitates the conversion of the top 20% of revenue-generating clients through targeted marketing strategies and the execution of high-impact account-based marketing campaigns. The tool enables the identification of known and unknown visitors in real-time, enabling the targeting of buyers from named accounts and the delivery of personalized ad campaigns wherever they may be. In addition, it provides real-time website personalization to surface relevant content for each visitor and other cutting-edge features. Utilizing insight-led sales, Predictor assists in accelerating the conversion of deals.

The second product, Innovator is an exceptional tool that simplifies the content syndication process, enabling users to consolidate all of their material and streamline their distribution tactics. Through Innovator, individuals can effortlessly reach their intended audience on social media, email marketing, or any other preferred channel, ensuring that their message is delivered to the right people. Innovator provides a comprehensive suite of real-time analytics that help users make informed decisions based on data. With detailed engagement statistics, users can determine which pieces of content resonate with their audience and adjust their approach accordingly, maximizing the impact of their content strategy.

Finally, the third product is called Intello. Intello is a tool that provides businesses with a competitive edge and sustainable advantage by serving as a comprehensive source of truth for all their needs. It offers early warning signs that aid in the planning of medium and long-term strategies to identify the best growth prospects. Moreover, Intello assists in identifying market trends and determining the direction of the industry, while also providing a means to evaluate strengths and weaknesses against the market. By providing valuable insights, Intello enables businesses to optimize their sales and marketing efforts, resulting in successful campaigns that deliver exceptional results.


“We are excited to launch these three AI-based business products,” said Satish K. Sadasivan, CEO of Evolve Global Corp. “Predictor, Innovator, and Intello are designed to help businesses of all sizes to leverage the power of AI and make data-driven decisions. Our products provide businesses with a competitive edge, enabling them to stay ahead of the curve and succeed in today’s rapidly evolving business landscape.”

With the launch of these three products, Evolve Global Corp is positioning itself as a leader in the advanced technology industry. The company’s commitment to leveraging the latest technologies, including ABM, content analytics, AI, business management, and IoT – to provide clients with innovative solutions and products that drive growth and improve operational efficiency, has set it apart from its competitors.

The business world is constantly evolving, and companies that fail to adapt risk falling behind their competitors. With the launch of these three AI-based business products, Evolve Global Corp is helping businesses stay ahead of the curve by providing them with cutting-edge tools for predicting trends, driving innovation, and making data-driven decisions.