India’s Leading JEE & NEET Educator Ashish Arora joins Unacademy


Unacademy has announced that one of the top IIT JEE and NEET (UG) educators Ashish Arora has joined the organisation as Senior Vice President & National Head, Academics, and Head, Centre of Excellence (CoE), Unacademy. Under Ashish Arora’s guidance, Unacademy will be setting up an academic unit called ‘The Centre of Excellence (CoE) to enhance the value offering of its online products.

He will be teaching and mentoring subscribed Learners from the IIT JEE and NEET (UG) categories for Physics on the Unacademy platform. With an academic experience spanning nearly three decades, Ashish Arora will impart his established methodologies and structures to the Learners.

“At Unacademy our endeavour is to always ensure our Learners have access to the best Educators. We have constantly strived to collaborate with Educators who share our vision of democratising education and who have made a deep impact in their field. Ashish Arora is one such Educator for IIT JEE and NEET (UG) aspirants and we are delighted to have him onboard” said Vivek Sinha, Chief Operating Officer, Unacademy.

“Today Learners have benefits of a much better reach to high-quality education because of improved access to technology. As part of Unacademy, I will have the opportunity to reach out to a greater number of enthusiastic Learners from across the country and help them in achieving their goals. I am eager to use my close to three decades of experience to help Learners gain strong academic fundamentals through established methodologies, and along with high-quality Educators, help prepare them for IIT JEE and NEET (UG) exams.” commented Ashish Arora, SVP & National Head Academics and Head, Centre of Excellence, Unacademy.


Ashish Arora has mentored over 10,000 IITians and 20,000 government medical college students in his teaching journey and has groomed hundreds of students for international medals in the Physics Olympiad. With extreme passion in the field of Physics, he has been continuously widening his reach to the knowledge-seeking students at all levels, including local to national to international.

Batches conducted by Ashish Arora will commence shortly on the Unacademy platform and app.