6 Businesses That are Revolutionizing the Modern World Using Embedded Vision Technology


Embedded vision technology is transforming the way businesses operate, allowing them to optimize processes, improve efficiency, and provide a higher level of service to their customers. From automating manufacturing processes and improving medical diagnoses to enhancing customer experiences, optimizing logistics and supply chain management, and enabling vision-based navigation and object recognition in robotics, these businesses are using embedded vision technology to set the standard for the future of business.

The following are the top 6 companies that are utilizing this innovative technology to revolutionize industries across the world. 

e-con Systems

Founded in 2003, e-con Systems is a leading OEM camera solution provider with a global presence. The company provides a range of end-to-end camera solutions, including MIPI camera modules, GMSL cameras, USB 3.1 Gen 1 cameras, and stereo cameras, which have been reimagined for use in various applications such as retail, medical, industrial, agriculture, and smart cities. e-con Systems is supported by a strong partner ecosystem that offers end-to-end vision solutions, including sensor partners, ISP partners, and carrier board partners. To date, the company has developed 300+ product solutions that have been used in 90+ countries around the world.

Allied Vision 

Allied Vision has been a leading provider of camera technology and image capture solutions for over three decades, assisting customers in various fields including industrial inspection, medical and scientific imaging, and traffic monitoring. Known for its deep understanding of customer needs, Allied Vision consistently delivers individualized solutions for a wide range of applications, earning it a reputation as one of the top camera manufacturers in the machine vision market. The company has a global presence, with nine locations in Germany, Canada, the United States, Singapore, and China, and is represented by a network of sales partners in over 30 countries.



As experts in hardware/software engineering and driver development, Arducam understands the complexities of cameras and strives to make them more accessible for developers. For over a decade, the company has been providing camera solutions, particularly for popular hardware platforms like Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and Jetson Nano. With a focus on helping developers overcome camera-related challenges, Arducam serves as a reliable local guide for all things camera-related. Arducam has a track record of serving a variety of markets with their camera solutions, including 3D scanners, photo booths, license plate detection, automatic number-plate recognition, depth camera panoramas, and stereo vision.


Basler is a renowned provider of high-quality industrial cameras for a variety of applications, including area scan cameras, machine vision cameras, matrix cameras, 3D industrial cameras, Time-of-Flight cameras, and line scan cameras. With over 30 years of experience in the machine vision industry, Basler is known for its product designs that prioritize ease of integration, compact size, and strong price-performance ratios. These characteristics have helped Basler establish itself as a leading player in the machine vision market. Today, Basler cameras are widely used in industries such as mass production, medical technology, pharmaceuticals, automotive, research, life sciences, and intelligent traffic systems. They are also frequently incorporated into the products of original equipment manufacturers of machines and industrial plants.


Founded by a group of seasoned professionals from the OEM imaging industry, XIMEA’s mission is to create top-quality products that stand out in terms of compact size, high speed, low power consumption, and wide interoperability. With years of experience in the field of vision, the team at XIMEA brings a wealth of knowledge and innovative approaches to meeting the unique needs and requirements of their customers.


Pixelink is a leading provider of reliable and high-quality industrial and life science cameras for a range of applications including machine vision, medical imaging, biometrics, and microscopy. Since its founding in 1992, the company has served customers around the world with standard, OEM, and custom imaging solutions. Industrial machine vision manufacturers often turn to Pixelink to find the best industrial camera for their specific application, while OEM customers appreciate the cost-effective integration of Pixelink’s reliable camera systems into their products. In the realm of microscopy, Pixelink’s cameras provide excellent imagery for life sciences and other applications when used with existing microscope equipment. 

With their cutting-edge solutions, these businesses are making a real difference in the world and have the potential to shape the future. It will be interesting to see how they continue to evolve and make an impact in the coming years.